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Fertility Solutions
Therapist Training

Are you ready to make

a difference as a

Fertility Therapist?

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Delivered by
Denise Christie
Natural Fertility Expert
Health and Harmony Therapies and Training

Ignite Your Passion:

Transform Lives as a Holistic Fertility Coach!

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling journey as a Fertility Coach but find yourself unsure about where to begin?


Allow me to guide you through the path of transforming the lives of couples struggling to conceive.

Specialist Training

In a Heart Centred Business

If you've been contemplating a career as a fertility therapist, chances are you've witnessed the challenges of the fertility journey either through your clients or a personal challenge.   You may be impassioned about helping couples to finally realise their dreams of parenthood.


Are you a fertility warrior who has experienced a struggle to conceive firsthand?


Maybe you are a holistic therapist or health coach eager to expand your offerings in fertility health? 


Perhaps a yoga teacher or energy worker, a natural healer wanting to guide couples through their unique fertility challenges?

You are finding yourself at a crossroads, uncertain of how to transition and gain the skills needed to establish a thriving fertility therapist business.

What if there's a training that not only teaches you the skills but also nurtures your compassionate approach?


The Fertility Solutions Therapist Training Programme is not just another course or qualification.  It's a complete "business in a box".

Here's what's included:

Heart Centred Learning

Becoming a fertility coach requires knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, working with your heart and soul.  If you are reading this and contemplating training with me, then you probably possess the compassion and potential to make a significant impact, and I'm here to guide you how to do just that.

Holistic Methods

I embrace a holistic approach to fertility, intertwining Eastern Medicine and Western traditions, I've crafted a comprehensive mind-body strategy that covers nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and relationship building.

Nourishing mind, body and relationships

Discover how to show your couples how to nourish their fertility with the right foods, manage stress healthily, release emotional barriers, detox their environment, practice mind-body techniques and strengthen their relationship.

Business Briefing

Learn how to attract the perfect clients, who not only feel aligned with what you are offering but really want to work with you.  Discover how to create manageable business goals, how to create a powerful message that speaks to the heart of your client and where to find those clients.  Master the art of creating a business life that allows you to not just survive - but to thrive.

Working at home

Fertility Therapist Training Programme

Here's how this specialist training works


Live Training

8 weeks of engaging live training calls (delivered fortnightly and recorded for your convenience) with workbooks and exercises.


Managing consultations

A step-by-step guide to conducting seamless client sessions from start to finish


Comprehensive Learning

Comprehensive knowledge on male and female fertility health,, managing lifestyle changes and how to support couples through a fertility challenge


Full Support

Full support and advice from a seasoned fertility coach to guide you every step of the way

Bonus Elements


Business Coaching
(Worth £600)

Two Week business immersive.  Discover how to create a powerful message, be more visible, get in front of your perfect clients, harness your “superpower” and work through any obstacles standing in your way. 


Group Mentorship
(Worth £1800)

Six Months of Group Mentorship Support to include monthly live coaching calls for real-time problem solving and get your questions answered. 


One to One Coaching Session
(Worth £280)

One hour VIP Exclusive Business Coaching Session to push through any final barriers to building a successful business.

Your Learning Outcomes

Certified Training Course

in Natural Fertility Methods for Therapists

Module 1

- Food for Thought -

Understanding the impact of nutrition on reproductive health.  Meal planning and Key Fertility Nutrients

Module 2

- Balance it Out -

Time and energy management techniques

Developing healthy habits and routines.

Module 3

- Unlocking Stress -

Exploring the connection between stress and infertility

Stress management techniques and coping strategies

Module 4

- Mind Your Message -

Understanding the mind-body connection in fertility.  Transforming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

Pregnancy Test
Family in the Kitchen
Couple Holding Hands

Module 5

- The Relationship -

Effective communication, support strategies.

Managing conflicts and challenges

Module 6

- A Man's Journey -

Male fertility,  optimizing sperm quality and quantity, reducing sperm-damage

Module 7

- Master Challenges -

Holistic strategies for PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis

Integrating with medical protocols

Module 8

Practical Steps and Self-Care Routines

Developing self-care routines for fertility. 

Supporting individuals undergoing or considering IUI or IVF

Each module consists of live and recorded video lectures, reading materials, practical exercises, and interactive discussions.


Assessments and quizzes will be included to gauge understanding and progress. Additional resources, such as recommended books and websites, will be provided throughout the course.

Investment £2997

Image by Nick Morrison

Fertility Therapist Training

  • 8 weeks of Live and recorded training

  • Intensive knowledge on fertility health

  • Full training on managing consultations

  • Expert advice and mentorship

Image by Unseen Studio

Bonus Content

  • Two Week Specialist Business Coaching

  • Six months of group mentorship

  • VIP One to One Business Coaching Call

Total Value £5677

You Pay: £2997

Why train with me? 


I believe the magic of fertility isn't just about nutrition and lifestyle; it's about the beautiful connection that is shared as a couple.

I specialize in guiding couples who have reached the end of their tether, helping them shift gears from the fast-paced world to becoming devoted advocates for the family they dream of.


It's a unique concept in the world of fertility support - where the typical onus is purely on the woman's role in getting pregnant.

My mission is clear — to empower therapists to work with couples longing for parenthood so that they can finally have the family of their dreams.

If this sounds like something you would love to do too - get in touch today to book your place.

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