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After trying to conceive for two years I was worried I would never have a family I was particularly worried as I have coeliac disease and I knew that this could affect my fertility.

I initially attended for acupuncture to improve my cycles and Denise and I decided together to try reflexology as well to help resolve the issues with my digestion caused by the coeliac disease. Denise was very informative and thorough and her expertise and education assured me I was in the right hands.

I was very happy about using the reflexology as well as I knew she was tailoring a programme to suit my particular needs. My favourite part of the treatments was the relaxing aspect, taking time out for myself and the amazing location. The treatment room is fabulous & calming, a quiet stress-free environment.  Denise offers a very welcoming service. She is very educated & offers great advice and tips to promote fertility. The proof is in the pudding! I have two beautiful children thanks to the treatments and Denise.


My husband and I had been trying naturally for a baby for 2 and a half years when we first started seeing Denise for treatments. At first we were sceptical about whether her approach would work – but once we saw how professional and knowledgeable she was - this thought was soon forgotten. We both took part in her programme but my favourite part were the days I had reflexology – I felt completely de-stressed after each session. And it worked! Because we now have a beautiful baby girl! Our Wonderful little miracle!!

Pregnant Woman in Nature

We are so thankful. I would highly recommend Denise. She is a wonderful person and so professional.  We are so thankful. I would highly recommend Denise. She is a wonderful person and so professional.

Baby's Hand


I first started seeing Denise for treatments to get help to with PCOS. We were trying for a baby and knew I needed help because my periods were so irregular. After about six appointments I started to see a difference in my cycle. Six months later we were delighted to find out we were expecting our first baby. I carried on seeing Denise for appointments throughout my pregnancy to help with anxiety and stress levels.

I found with each treatment I was getting more and more relaxed even to the point of falling asleep while having my treatments.  I would highly recommend Denise if you are having trouble getting pregnant. of her extensive knowledge. I found Denise was always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns I might have had and has extensive knowledge and expertise.


Before I went to see Denise I wasn't having any monthly cycle without the use of drugs and therefore thought I couldn't get pregnant without medical intervention.


As part of my programme Denise provided me with a list of foods that I should concentrate on eating plus she advised me to reduce my consumption of tea and if possible eliminate it.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

I must admit that tea was a tough one for me. I have over the years tried to drink green tea, peppermint and every other type of fruit/ herbal tea but I didn't stick to any of them for the simple reason was that I found them very unpalatable. She recommended that I drink Rooibos tea. This was a hit with me straight away and to this day I drink it and prefer it to the "normal teas".

Denise goes through a very thorough questionnaire when you first visit her.  I enjoyed going through the answers with her while she explained the changes that I needed to make.  Plus the relaxation was lovely. Lovely area in the countryside and very tranquil!  Denise is a very nice person. Lovely to talk to and understanding. She offers loads of advice and explains what you need to do. She advises you on what treatments she thinks would be of most benefit to you.


Working with Denise was very manageable and the self care was easy to stick to which I have done ever since meeting with her.  2 years on and 2 babies later! We are absolutely delighted!  One a complete surprise as I was told I would never have children without help ... And my cycles are back!


Thank you Denise!



Don't know if you remember me but I seen you for treatment this time last year. I had had two miscarriages and was about to start fertility treatment for low AMH. You helped me immensely, both physically and emotionally. Your methods and advice were so supportive not to mention your excellent listening skills. So I thought of you this morning as I am booked in for induction at the hospital tomorrow morning to deliver my baby boy!

I am absolutely thrilled and excited.  I couldn't have got this far without your professionalism, knowledge and skill. Heartfelt thank you for helping me on this journey. 

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