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Healy Therapy Treatments

Welcome to Healy, a revolutionary holistic wellbeing device that supports your body's optimum performance and overall wellness.

The Healy offers between 7 and 120 programmes with 144,000 frequencies to support and harmonise your body, your organs, your mental state, your emotional being and your soul well-being.

Healy is a frequency device used to balance the body's bioenergetic field and activate your body's self-healing capacity.




144,000 Healy Bioenergetic Frequencies for:

  • Pain Programme

  • Sleep Programmes 

  • Skin Programmes

  • Digestion Programmes

  • Thyroid Programmes

  • Stress Programmes

  • Cell Regeneration Programmes

  • Anti-aging Programmes

  • Aura Enhance Programmes

  • Chakra Balance Programmes

  • Memory Programme

... and so much more!

Everything has an energetic frequency, even our bodies and our organs, which can be measured in MHz.


Disease also has a frequency, which is usually a lower vibration, while health is of a higher vibrational frequency. Disease can't exist in a higher vibrational frequency environment.


As well as physical benefits in alleviating discomfort and conditions, and speeding up the healing process, it can also help to balance your meridians, your aura, and your chakras as well as cleanse and purify your mind, body and soul.



Healy Benefits 

  • Promotes body-mind-energy homeostasis balance 

  • Optimize your bioenergetic and emotional balance 

  • Enhance DNA & RNA regeneration 

  • Boost immune system

  • Decrease pain and discomfort 

  • Anti-aging / Cell rejuvenation 

  • Enhance mental clarity 

  • Enhance learning abilities 

  • Reduce stress

  • Sleep and rest better 

  • Deep relaxation 


and so much more!

So what happens during a Healy session?

An hour before your session you will be sent a link for a short questionnaire and asked to provide a real time selfie (without glasses).

We will then meet on zoom and I will guide you through a mindful grounding session to allow you to be in a relaxed state and to set your intention for the scans.  (This process works even if you cannot be present for the zoom call – it simply works on your energetic resonance.)

I will then run an energy scan to determine what your unique biofield is most in need of physically, emotionally and/or psychologically.  This scan will identify the top five Healy programmes that your body needs in order to regain balance.  Coded electromagnetic applications are then sent through the quantum field to your bio-energetic field for these five programmes.   

Then, we will drill down deeper into the top 2 programmes and send you those defined individual frequencies to allow a deeper level of re-balance and energetic healing.   

The energetic frequencies of one of the following will then be sent to your energetic field: Bach Flower Remedies, Materia Medica, Australian Bush Flowers, Schuessler Salts, Creative Homeopathy, Alaskan Gem Elixers or I-Ching to your energetic field.

Each Healy treatment also includes a FREE Aura Analysis and Chakra Balance (worth €69).  Using the Healy’s Aura Analysis feature, the Healy is able to scan the different energy levels of the different Chakras. Then, by scanning one or multiple Chakras, provides guidance about possible emotional or energetic blockages. 

Distance sessions last approximately 60 minutes. PDF copies of all your results are emailed to you following your session.

In order to access deeper and longer lasting changes it is possible to add a Power Hour to your Healy treatment session.  Power Hours are an intense, one-on-one coaching session focused on what is challenging you the most right now.  The investment for this is €199 and you should allow a minimum of 2 hours for this combined session. 

This combined approach will provide you with more clarity, allow you to shift self-limiting beliefs and assist you in moving swiftly through whatever has been holding you back physically, mentally or emotionally.

NOTE: You may decide to purchase a Healy device to continue self-healing work on yourself, family, friends, children, or pets. I am happy to discuss this and provide the service for you – contact me.

Healy Treatment Session, Aura Analysis and Chakra Balance: 89

Healy Treatment plus Aura Analysis, Chakra Balance and Power Hour: 149

Aura Analysis and Chakra Balance: €69

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