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Imagine the health benefits to be gained from a brisk walk in a forest, followed by a swim in the sea, followed by a soothing detox tea, followed by a nourishing anti-oxidant filled meal, rounded off with a deeply restorative rest!

That’s basically what you get all from ONE session of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF can help the body recover from injury, inflammation, help with detoxification, chronic fatigue and fertility issues by increasing blood circulation, enriching the tissues with oxygen and stimulate the body’s regeneration process.


PEMF Therapy can be used for:-

* Fibromyalgia
* Fertility Issues
* Headaches
* Back Pain
* Sleep Disorders
* Chronic Pain

* Arthritis

* ME

* Recovery from viral load

* Adrenal Fatigue
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Rheumatic Conditions

Plus many, many more!

PEMF Therapy sessions are available at Health and Harmony for only £20 for a 30 minute session alongside any other treatment or £30 as a stand alone therapy.

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