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Feed Your Sparkle
Private Membership Group

When I talk about feeding your sparkle I don’t mean we’re going to sprinkle glitter over your food!  No - I mean I am going to show you how to make changes to your environment, your food, your lifestyle so that you feel vibrant, healthy and full of energy.

So how do you know if it's your turn to sparkle?   Let me tell you – you're in the right place if:-

  • You are done reinventing the wheel and you want someone to tell you what works and what doesn’t – for real

  • You want to discover what is keeping you stuck so that you an get unstuck

  • You are ready to finally get your energy, vibrancy and health at their peak so that you can allow your best self to sparkle.

If these describe you, then you are in EXACTLY the right place.

Join my Private Membership Group for just €39 per month or just €390 for annual membership (Two months FREE).

What makes the Feed Your Sparkle programme unique is that we focus on what you get to HAVE rather than on what you don’t have. 

  • Discover how to set and achieve healthy goals and habits

  • Learn how to improve energy levels

  • Discover how to feel vibrant

  • Prevent and manage lifestyle diseases

  • Establish daily routines designed to improve your vitality

  • Find out how to use food as medicine

  • Discover all you need to know about clean eating

  • Find out how to prepare for peri-menopause and beyond

  • Learn how to thrive, whatever your age or stage of life

Suffering in order to heal does not make sense.  Working together in this way is designed to inspire you to reclaim your health in a way that is sustainable, natural and fun.

What’s included:-

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly live coaching calls

  • Weekly guided meditation

  • Weekly Q &A session

  • Monthly webinar

  • A comprehensive library of resources

  • Monthly emails with latest tips

If you are ready for accountability, the systems and the support that is going to make this work like nothing else you have tried before then I invite you join my private membership group.

You can cancel your membership anytime (but why would you want to!)

Click here to find out more and to join. 

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