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Miscarriage: The Reset

Miscarriage Support

It can be hard to know where to turn when you have suffered a miscarriage. It's a club no one would ever choose to be a member of! But the truth is, with one in five pregnancies ending in miscarriage – the likelihood is a lot of people you know are members – even if they have never told you!

As soon as you find out you are expecting, you begin to dream. So you are not just experiencing the shock of what happened, you are also grieving the loss of what your family life was going to look like.

Miscarriages can occur for any manner of reasons, issues with the egg or sperm, hormone imbalance, some are because of issues with chromosomes – often leaving unanswered questions.


By ensuring that your emotional, mental and physical health are all supportive of a happy, healthy pregnancy – it is possible to limit the chances of a miscarriage happening again.


Included in The Reset:

  • A comprehensive health and lifestyle consultation

  • Analysis of stress levels, diet, exercise, family and relationships.

  • Analysis of cycle and menstrual bleed

  • Diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • A personalised information pack, recommendations for health and lifestyle adjustments and relevant resources

  • Recommendations for further testing and/or ongoing treatment plan

  • Womb Nurture Pack

  • Two 45 minute Online Coaching Sessions

  • Follow Up Recaps, Action Steps and Recommendations as needed

  • Email support between sessions

The Reset will address the physical and emotional aspects of miscarriage. It is designed empower you to take back control of your mind, body and environment whilst allowing you to heal from your loss.

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