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Reiki Treatments
for Animals

Reiki for Cats and Dogs Cornwall

Animals love receiving Reiki. My Reiki practise includes work with animals so if you have a pet that you feel might benefit please contact me to discuss things further.

Reiki is such a gentle method of healing that animals are normally very comfortable during a session. Animals naturally receive and enjoy Reiki during a treatment and quite often an animal will actively seek out the Reiki practitioner in the hope of receiving some of the healing energy.



Animals know exactly what they need and quite often when they feel that they have had all they need during a session they will simply just walk away.


Reiki sessions promote speedier healing from the trauma of accidents or surgery, help with side affects from things such as medication. Reiki helps to ease pain, relieve stress and bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

During the upsetting time when a beloved pet is preparing for transition, a Reiki session brings much peace and freedom from struggle. The bond between animal and human is respected at all times during this difficult time.

Single Treatment 45
(Course of Six 240)

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