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IVF and Assisted Fertility Support

Introducing the Assisted Fertility Support plan, a heart centred initiative tailored to accompany couples through their IVF journey with unwavering support and a touch of natural grace.

By seamlessly integrating the proven protocols of your fertility clinic with a holistic approach, I aim to enhance the prospects of success in IVF and other Assisted Fertility methods.


Witnessing remarkable outcomes in my clinic, this approach has become a beacon of hope for many.

Included in the Assisted Fertility Plan:

  • Couples Fertility Breakthrough: A bespoke program addressing lifestyle and nutrition, dedicated to preparing both partners for a healthy pregnancy through Assisted Fertility.

  • Diagnosis with Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles: A unique perspective to understand and align with the body's natural balance.

  • Personalized Information Pack: Tailored recommendations for health and lifestyle adjustments, along with valuable resources to support your journey.

  • 3 Coaching Sessions Each: Personalized guidance to navigate the emotional and physical aspects of the fertility journey.

  • Acupuncture Pre/Post Transfer ("German Protocol"): A specialized prescription designed to enhance the success of the transfer process.

  • Email Support: A constant connection for any questions, concerns, or words of encouragement.

  • Weekly Homework: Engaging activities to foster a proactive and positive mindset.

  • Optional Add-On Acupuncture Packages: Available at a discounted rate, ensuring flexibility in meeting individual needs.


With the Assisted Fertility Support plan, my commitment is not just to your journey but to your well-being—infusing every step with love, support, and the possibility of new beginnings.

Embark on your fertility journey with compassion and tailored support. Let us navigate this path together, combining the expertise of assisted fertility methods with the nurturing touch of a natural approach.


Your dream of parenthood is unique.  Get in touch today and take the first step towards a hopeful tomorrow. 

Embracing the journey toward conception is a deeply personal and cherished experience.


While my ultimate goal is to empower and guide my clients towards a natural conception, I understand that various factors, whether chemical or mechanical, may present challenges along the way.

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