The Assisted Fertility Plan includes

  • Couples Fertility Roadmap where special attention is paid to putting together a lifestyle and nutritional programme to assist both you and your partner to prepare for healthy pregnancy

  • Once weekly acupuncture and fertility health coaching for 6 weeks prior to IVF medication.  (Increases blood supply to uterus and ovaries.  This procedure is the same prior to frozen embryo transfers).

  • Once weekly acupuncture during the IVF cycle to decrease side effects such as anxiety, moodiness, bloating, insomnia, fatigue, hot flushes, etc.

  • Acupuncture and health coaching for 6 weeks to improve sperm health.

  • Acupuncture after egg collection (helps body to recover after procedure and anaesthesia).

  • Acupuncture pre/post transfer (“German Protocol” prescription designed to enhance the success of transfer.)

  • (Optional) Acupuncture once weekly for first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  (Enhances circulation to uterus and strengthens the immune system).

  • (Optional) Once weekly acupuncture from week 36 of pregnancy to relax and prepare for birth.

Assisted Fertility Plan

Wherever possible I love to support my clients to a natural conception.   Of course this is not always possible as there may be chemical or mechanical reasons why pregnancy is simply not happening. 


The Assisted Fertility Support plan has been specifically designed to guide and support those couples through their IVF journey.

Combining the protocols of your fertility clinic with a natural approach has been proven to increase the success of IVF and other forms of Assisted Fertility and I have seen great results in my clinic with this approach. 



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