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Hello I’m Denise – a health coach, acupuncturist and holistic medicine practitioner.


I specialise in helping driven women with full plates finally put their health and wellbeing at the top of their ever-growing priority list. 


And I am on a mission to introduce as many women as I am able to a whole new approach to healthy living, a silver bullet to health, energy and vibrancy.  


By giving you a personalised strategy for self-care, nutrition and mindset shifts, you can overcome stress and burnout and have the energy to chase after your dream life and health.

As someone who was burning the candle at both ends as well as in the middle, I know that it’s 100% possible to make simple changes and see a massive improvement in how you feel when you give yourself permission to pause and regroup.

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When you power through and ignore all the signals your body is sending you – sooner or later you realise the hard way that this is not sustainable.   


The Feed Your Sparkle One to One Plan is a personalised coaching experience designed to free you from burnout, show you how to fit healthy, sustainable habits in to your busy life and lift your energy so that you can reach those big life goals.

Some or all of this is probably going to ring true with you right now …

  • You are the kind of woman who has big dreams for her life and works hard towards them every day.

  • You feel driven to make an impact through your work and your passions.

  • You are determined to be the best version of yourself for your family, friends and community.

  • You are constantly on the go and busy doing ALL the things such as:-


  • Juggling the high demands of work and your personal life

  • Managing the childrens’ school work and activities

  • Managing the household chores and meal times

  • Meetings with the school board of governors or local charity board


But here’s the problem - you are exhausted!  Thoroughly burnt out! And on top of all that it feels like someone snuck in during the night and stole your sparkle!! 

Which leaves you consumed by what’s on your to do list, full of anxious thoughts and thoroughly stressed out from all the responsibilities you have on your plate.

It’s possible it’s all been building up for a while, taking it’s toll on your mental and physical health for quite a while.  And the truth is you know in your heart this is simply not sustainable – but it’s the only way you know how to exist.


Chances are you’ve hit this low point before.  It's possible your energy and motivation are the floor, you are suffering regular headaches and problems with your digestion.  Your sleep is disrupted every night and you never, ever wake feeling well rested.   All of this leaves you feeling exhausted, frustrated, bloated and totally disconnected from your life.

You are taking it out on your friends and loved ones and reaching the point where you simply want to stop the world and jump off!


You’ve tried ignoring it!  You’ve tried a few quick fixes – which only worked for a short while if at all!  And, the little whispers that you were getting from your body that something is wrong, are now coming through loud and clear!

Smiling Woman

The Feed Your Sparkle plan helps you to get out of your own way, allows me to gently guide you out of a constant state of stress and overwhelm and shows you the path to balance and wholeness. 


You will get a strategy for a healthy lifestyle that you can stick to and that fits in to your busy world so that you can heal from burnout!

Optimum health is a journey and not a destination.

We all need support from time to time on that path.  I help my clients to get unstuck and build the forward momentum they need to create the mindset and health of their dreams - so that they can get their sparkle back!!


We will be working together to welcome in a more balanced life with ease and a healthy lifestyle that actually sticks.

By putting the following foundations in place you can finally build a sustainable lifestyle that will support your busy life:

  • Real food nutrition – laying the foundation with wholesome, healthy food that is easy to fit in to your busy life. By replacing health-depleting processed foods with real, nutritious alternatives you will become energised both mentally and physically.

  • By eating to fuel as opposed to eating to fill you will become more intentional about your mealtimes and what is on your plate.

  • Alongside changing what you eat, I will equip you with the rights tools to manage and reduce your stress levels. I will work with you to incorporate evidence based mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your routine, which will help bring your system back into balance.

  • Harnessing the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine you will discover your body’s own natural cycle and circadian rhythm and working in flow with this, together with nature’s own seasons, you can bring your body back in to flow.

  • Establish a sleep pattern that works effectively for you to allow your body’s systems to fully restore during sleep and wake feeling fully rested.

  • Create actions steps that are unique to your personality, personal preferences and what is going on in your life right now.  Putting together strategies to take account of the unexpected things in your life also that can through you off balance and derail your attempts to get your sparkle back.

On this journey together you will receive one to one support every step of the way.  I will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter.  And I will also keep you accountable to your own goals so that you are set up for success and giving you the push you need to stay on track.

During each session we will catch up on the previous week, work out a strategy for your next steps and focus on the areas that you are finding particularly challenging or that will move the needle for you.  We will explore your relationship around food and build healthy habits as a key to long term success.  

Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. I will personally and carefully guide you to make small changes that make healthy eating and living super simple, whilst having a big impact on how you feel.

What’s Included

  • Initial 90 Minute session to discuss your challenges, current lifestyle, establish goals and get to know each other.

  • Fortnightly coaching calls

  • Weekly accountability check in text or email

  • Access between sessions for questions, guidance and additional support

  • Private Facebook Group

This is for you if …

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of your work, personal life and family and ready to make changes

  • You have tried to do things on your own, read self-help books and guides, tried some supplements, worn out your internet browser looking for solutions and quick fixes.

  • Whatever you have tried has simply not worked and you know that’s because you need outside accountability and boundaries to really get you to take action

  • You know you need more balance and ease in your life before you feel really broken.

  • You are done with following health “rules” and instead want to put in place strong foundations for a vibrant life

  • You realise there is never a perfect time to get started on getting yourself healthy.  Something will always come up but you’re ready now to invest in yourself – because the alternative is not how you want to carry on feeling!

  • You are committed and ready to do what it takes to make some changes and you understand that nothing worthwhile comes without a commitment of time and energy.

In your complimentary clarity call, we will uncover what has been stopping you or keeping you from achieving your desired health goal. 


Together we will develop a powerful vision for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

Call today to find out how you can work with me for 90 days to create lasting and meaningful change in your health and wellbeing.

Let’s start something meaningful, transformational and powerful! 

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