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One Small Change Brings About Big Results

It has long been my belief that one small change, done well and done repeatedly, is the secret to bringing about change to your health.  When I wanted to find a solution to my achy joints (brought about largely by the onset of menopause) I realised the answer was in movement.

As someone with a longstanding loathing of most types of exercises – I was aware I needed to put my thinking cap on for this one. The only form of exercise I have been historically fond of is swimming – and from a geographical perspective that has proved a challenge as there are no swimming pools close enough to me.

I had tried yoga in the past but am also quite insular and embarrassed about exercise – self language dating back to being pretty useless at most sports activities at school. For that reason, I did not want to be pulling shapes and making a fool of myself in a room full of people. From a purely selfish perspective, I also did not want to engage in other people's stories when I'm trying to get all “Zen”.

So when I found a yoga teacher earlier this year who could see me for one to one classes I was over the moon. Now I see her twice a week, we shift the focus depending on which part of my body needs specific attention and the difference in my pain levels has been phenomenal.

I made that one, small but regular change to my weekly habits. I made a commitment to myself, and to my future health, that I am now not willing to sacrifice. One change, done regularly, done well in a period of just six months has solved the problem of my sore joints.

Today, on Amanda Delaney's motivational Facebook page – I ended up having a “conversation” with Finola Howard of How Great Marketing Works and this brought about a real aha moment for me.

I realised that this rule can be applied to so many different scenarios. I mentioned in the thread that the smallest changes can bring about the biggest results. Finola replied that it's same in marketing! Cue lightbulb moment!

So, this means that, whatever your niche or area of expertise, all business is about enacting small changes. Whether you are in the business of health, marketing, finance, managing stress, speaking, performance – small, consistent changes are the ones that make a massive difference.

Finola and I continued the conversation of the thread and I asked her what one small change she recommends to her marketing clients that produce big results. She had this to say ...

"One small change... Here's one thing that made a big difference to my own productivity... Don't underestimate what can be done in the "inbetween minutes"... you know when you're waiting for a webinar to start, a call that was scheduled, someone to turn up for your meeting etc. There's always something that can be done that you think takes longer than it actually does. Start those small tasks... even if you think you might not finish them... that's just conditioning... before you know it you'll get faster at everything and your productivity will soar. Start today... changing my thinking on this changed how I worked fundamentally... and it's just one small change... "

What can I say? Pure gold dust!

What one small, regular change can you make to your health or your business that will reap huge rewards?



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