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Oh Baby..It's a Boy

I received an email recently from a lady I had not heard from in a while who had been visiting me regularly for treatments for fertility. It is easy to make assumptions when fertility clients stop visiting. I had thought this particular lady was perhaps trying a different route or had maybe even given up trying for a baby as I know her journey had been tough. I was thrilled to get her email and cried for days afterwards - the emotion of it just got to me. I have changed her name and her baby's name to protect her privacy .. but with her permission, I am sharing her story today.

"Hi Denise

I know it's been many months since you last saw me and you must have been wondering what has happened to me!! I have been wanting to write to you for so long to share my news but you know the loss and absolute heartache we have suffered trying to get pregnant.  I wanted to wait until I was absolutely certain that I had good news to share. Then as each month went by I was afraid that telling you might “jinx” my news. So you are probably gobsmacked to learn that baby Ben arrived at 6.40 a.m. Monday morning – two weeks early but absolutely fine and such a handsome little devil.

Denise, I honestly believed it was never going to happen for us - especially after so many rounds of IVF and the miscarriages. I feel so bad that I didn't share my news with you earlier and I hope you will understand and forgive me – especially as you knew more than anyone in my circle of friends and my family about the troubles we were having getting pregnant.  I know with absolute certainty that it was your help that clicked the button for us this time. Your gentle nagging about our diet, the acupuncture (how I hated those needles!) and that lovely massage that you do – plus all the masses of other information you throw into the mix – your famous quote “if you haven't got time for 20 minutes of self-care and relaxation every day you haven't got time for a baby”. I thought it was very harsh the first time I heard it but now I know it was the turning point for us. Oh and the Yoni Steams – I really thought you were for the birds the first time you mentioned this!! I almost never came back for another appointment after that one! thank god I did!

So thank you from all three of us – thank you for the time, the acupuncture, the tissues when I sobbed my way through so many appointments, your absolute patience in not pushing me out the door when I went over my appointment time, your knowledge, so so much information you freely shared and your kindness. And also your hugs and the tissues and the shared tears at my wretched disappointment each month.

I can't wait for you to meet Ben and I will let him know how you made this family's dream come true.

Thank you doesn’t even cover it, Denise.  I am crying typing this but different tears this time to the ones you had to witness so many times - such happy tears today

With much love - Linda xxx"  

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