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Let's Change the Message!

At the ripe old age of 54 and after listening back to my recent radio interview by Liz Valloor on Dublin City FM I have suddenly realised I cannot pronounce my R's properly. I've also realised that nobody ever told me!

And seemingly I am in good company! Jonathan Ross, of course famously is unable to pronounce his Rs. Not that it has held him back one iota.

Being unable to pronounce R actually has a name - it's called Rhotacism. Now who's bright idea was that? That the name of the condition which makes you unable to pronounce Rs correctly - starts with an R!!

So I went through the entire education system without anyone ever telling me I had a speech impediment! THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!!

Can you imagine being labelled with a condition - even one as relatively minor as not being able to correctly pronounce one measly letter of the alphabet!

Imagine the toll that could potentially have on you your entire life (or at least until you could afford some therapy for it!). You may end up feeling inadequate, less than, self-conscious, stuck in your "diagnosis" and potentially broken!

Imagine then that the label you have been landed with was much crueller than that? What if you have been told you are infertile?

What if the message you hear is that you have an incompetent cervix? Or that you have poor sperm quality? Or are peri-menopausal? Or have diminished ovarian reserve? Certainly much more damaging than being told you have a mild speech impediment!

And yet these words are sometimes delivered with such a laissez fair attitude - without much consideration for the devastation they might bring. And all of these words are absolutely devastating if you are desperate to have a baby!

And the reason they are so devastating is that the emotions you attach to those words or saying have to land somewhere! They are bound to have a mental/emotional impact. And if you are extremely unlucky they could have a physical impact as well.

So even though every cell in your body starts off with the same DNA sequence, thanks to the study of epigenetics we now know that some of these markers can be changed during your lifetime.

Diet, lifestyle factors, emotional experiences - these can all potentially affect your DNA memory.

Hearing a diagnosis that may leave a lasting impression can create a belief that it will always be the case.  For instance, hearing that you are "infertile" could make you believe that you will ALWAYS be infertile.

The good news is - it doesn't have to be this way! If what you eat, say, do and think can create an unhealthy version of you- imagine what could happen if you could change that coding?!

Imagine if you could change what you eat, say, do and think to recreate a much healthier, much more fertile version of yourself? Think of the possibilities in that?? It could mean the end to your struggle to get pregnant. It could bring about the family you have always longed for. It could mean NO MORE expensive, painful or intrusive medical procedures. Imagine that!

If you need help getting healthy and fertile - get in touch! I'd love to help show you how.

Mobile: 0879675063

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