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How to regulate your periods after stopping birth control

For many women, the use of birth control for many years has not affected their chances of conceiving. However, for some, it can cause imbalances in the hormonal system and create nutritional deficiencies which can make it more difficult to get pregnant. Knowing how to get your body back in to balance after birth control can be the key to a healthy conception and pregnancy. Here are four ways that can help bring about the return of your menstrual cycle and create a healthier more fertile you:

1. The Contraceptive Pill can sometimes cause an overgrowth of yeast in the gut which has a knock-on effect on the body's natural pH levels. This can affect your chances of conceiving. Restoring the natural gut flora by taking a live probiotic supplement will help bring this back in to balance.

2. Birth control methods can affect metabolism and digestion. Eating nutrient-dense foods which are rich in vitamins B, E and Zinc or taking a good quality supplement can help restore depleted levels. These vitamins are essential for healthy egg production.

3. Prolonged use of contraception can cause mild anaemia. Taking a whole food iron supplement will help to rectify this, improve the quality of the blood and help to restore the menstrual cycle.

4. Regular abdominal massage helps to improve the circulation of blood to the womb and to the ovaries which in turn promotes a healthy womb lining, the restoration of the menstrual cycle and healthy ovulation. It also helps to speed up the natural elimination of toxins and any excess hormones which could be hindering conception.

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