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How I Manifested My Dream Life! And how you can too!

When I first moved to Ireland 15 years ago I had just qualified in holistic. I had a pretty grand vision in my head for a home, a lifestyle and building a holistic therapy centre without any real understanding of how I was going to make it all happen. As a single parent with no previous experience of running a business and no real way of financing my dream - it was all a bit “pie in the sky”.  My friends and family in London and Kent thought I was bonkers and could not imagine how I could possibly make the transition from legal executive to a therapist.

All I had to go on was a photocopy of the Land Registry map of my house and a clear idea in my head of what I needed to build and do to bring about my dream. On that map I very carefully drew and coloured in three cabins, dotted in a duck pond, included a small arboretum and various pets and before I knew it ... the beginnings of my dream of running a holistic centre at my home was born. And then I put the drawing away somewhere “safe” and never actually found it again.

However - because of the time and care I had taken to create the image - the vision remained strong in my mind and gradually that dream has become a reality. When I look at what I have actually built and compare it with what I drew on the map.... it's almost an exact replica of that drawing. I still don't have the duck pond or arboretum but I'm only a stones throw away from it!

When I was visiting family in Oldcastle a few years ago I told one of my cousins I “loved my life”. She simply said “Denise you are so so fortunate – there are very few people can say that”. This is a reply I think about a lot – and it made me wonder - why would someone continue to live a life they did not love? Why would somebody stay in a job they hate? Why would they stay in a relationship that made then unhappy or why would they continue to live in a country that stifled or suffocated them?

The day I stepped on to the ferry 15 years ago with my daughter, two dogs, a tortoise and almost every personal possession I owned I had no experience at running a business, was not long qualified as a therapist and was moving to a part of Ireland I had no connection with. Is it any wonder my friends and family thought I was for the birds! But my sheer flipping determination to bring about my vision did not diminish – even though there were times I almost conceded that perhaps I was a little bonkers after all! And the reason I persevered? Because I had a clear vision. A focus for my drive and determination. That drawing on my land registry map was very firmly planted in my brain and whenever I had doubts I thought of it and the picture drew me back to my dream. Having recently completed a wellness coaching course - I now realise that what I created all that time ago was my very own Vision Board. And now I completely understand exactly why it works!

So what do you need in order for a vision board to actually work? Firstly it needs to be created with intention and purpose. You also have to cultivate a positive mindset and then put in the work to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I never waived a magic wand and hey presto all of a sudden this all appeared! But I did have sheer, dogged determination that my dream would become a reality. Yes of course there were setbacks and some extremely difficult times. But the important thing is that I maintained that vision firmly in my head and NEVER waivered in my belief that it would come true.

So my question to you is ..... have you dreamed of doing or having more in your life of whatever brings you pleasure? Do you have a vision of a different life for yourself? Perhaps you want to make 2018 your best year ever? Maybe you long to start a new job or business but are not sure how. You may be experiencing overwhelm or burn out in your current career. Perhaps you have been struggling to get pregnant or build a family or would like to experience a more satisfying relationship with your partner? I can show you how!!

If you are looking for a new direction in your life with more fulfilment and purpose then a vision board workshop could be the very thing you need. Perhaps improved health or well-being is your goal?

I understand now how and why my dream life has come to fruition – and if you have a dream in your head of a different life I want to share all that knowledge with you.

During this one day workshop you will learn how to structure clearly defined goals for the year ahead. I will show you how to break down these goals into do-able chunks so that you are motivated to make whatever changes are necessary to bring these dreams to fruition.

By spending a day with like-minded people you will draw on support from one another to craft and create a more fulfilling vision for your future. By compiling words and images that signify your heart's desire – and surrounding that image with whatever is necessary to bring it to fruition – you are building a powerful vision of exactly what you want your life to look like - something you can look at daily to keep you motivated.

If you want to start your journey towards your own dream life then join me on this workshop.  Message me or call me to find out more and to book your place.

2018 is going to be an amazing year for you! Envisage it! Plan it! Live it! Enjoy it!

With Love, Light and (some) Chocolate!

Denise xx

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