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How Are You Feeding Your Sparkle Today?

It's true that Christmas can be a pretty stressful time. There's the pressure to entertain, live up to the perfect Christmas dinner displayed on the Supermarket Ads, buy the right presents, get the house clean.

Not to mention trying to squeeze in a last minute appointment at the hairdressers and beauticians so you don't look like a distant cousin of a werewolf in front of the family (or maybe that's just me!)

In all of this, it's easy to let the batteries run down, leaving you feeling exhausted, grumpy and really not in the mood for celebrating anything. In other words – you lose your sparkle!

One of my favourite films is Stardust – where a star falls to earth and shines more brightly when she is happy and her sparkle fades when she is sad. So happiness was feeding her sparkle!

The truth is, if we want to sparkle then we have to do something about it. What dulls your Sparkle? You definitely want less of that in your life.

What makes you sparkle? Is it time with your children, listening to music, having a relaxing bath, dancing, painting?

Write down what makes you sparkle. If you have time to fit this in before Christmas then go ahead and do it. If not – be sure and schedule time in the diary the first available slot in January!

We all certainly deserve to sparkle.xx

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