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9 Miracles in 9 Months: How I helped 27 Loving Couples have the baby they dreamed of AND save over

1.  9 miracles in less than 9 months.  

2.  How I helped save 27 couples over 6 figures on IVF.

3.  The secret that will save you 1000’s on IVF and bring you closer to your partner.  

Sounds mad right? But stay with me here

Recently I was asked for my “numbers” - in other words ‘what was my success rate’ when it comes to helping women get pregnant.

This question really got me thinking, I’d never really thought about it before… You know, you can be so busy running a business day today, you can sometimes forget about the amazing things that are happening and that you’re part of that. So just to put you in the picture, part of why I’m looking at my business is because, I’m just sick of hearing how so many couples are struggling to have babies, not because they don’t have what it takes, but because they don’t have the thousands and thousands it costs for IVF. It's about €4000 plus for one cycle… one cycle? And believe me, for many couples its never just one cycle. And I totally get it…. They have a dream for a family and will often do whatever it takes to make their dream come true right?

Well, I want to share that it doesn’t have to mean 1000’s on IVF, or remortgaging your house or the worry of where the next fee is going to come from. It can be faster, healthier and more loving and not that complicated.

My name is Denise Christie and over the last six years, I‘ve been helping people have babies in a natural way – without spending thousands on IVF. When they work with me, I show them the natural path to the family they dream of (without the hassle).

So when I looked at my numbers I realised that I’ve helped 27 women and men get pregnant. 27 mums and dads have the babies they yearn for without having to spend €1000’s on IVF or other intrusive procedures.

When you multiply 27 x one cycle of IVF that’s over 100k. That could be a new house or a whole family put through college?

And many are now in a more loving relationship because by the end of my programme, no matter the result, the natural path fills in all the gaps. Because it's not just about the conceiving, or the woman, its the whole unit. It’s mum, dad and all the loveliness in between that we work on together to create a happy welcoming natural home (womb) for a baby to be conceived.  No medical procedures, no 1000’s of euro’s …. just one secret sauce, and you won’t believe what that is!

So, when I asked all the couples I’ve worked with the last year - I couldn’t believe what they told me.

9 out of 10 of my clients now have a baby on the way.

I want to shout it from the rooftops.  All bar one is pregnant!

And you know what I see as the biggest secret to their success?  Commitment.

Imagine that?  Committed couples have more success.  (That’s another post entirely!)

The couples who were fully committed – are the clients who are now holding their children in their arms. The couples who aren’t - don’t have their baby just yet. It's that simple.

Something happens when you’re fully committed, I can feel it myself in my own business since I fully committed things have changed and the results have changed.  Everything changes.

I can say with absolute certainty that my natural and loving path works ... and that makes my heart sing.  I love what I do and I love the difference I make, I love my business!  This is a gift, a priceless gift, that I’m committed to sharing with the world.  I’m 100% committed to getting my message out to as many couples as I can, please share this blog with someone you know that needs to know that there is another path to the family they dream of and its a natural, more loving path that won’t cost you 1000’s.

If you have a group that I can come and speak to about the “Natural Family Path” email me today - I’m speaking all over the country this year.

If you, or anyone you know, wants to speak to me about how I can help – please call me today on 0879675063.

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