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Acupuncture Cornwall

The science and art of acupuncture involves insertion of ultra fine needles into specific points along the meridians of the body.


Acupuncture forms a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which originated in China over 5000 years ago.


Despite what people often think, acupuncture is a gentle, relaxing therapy. Most people come in pretty nervous to try it their first time. But they relax right away after realizing how gentle and effective it is.

The principal aim of acupuncture in treating the whole person is to recover and maintain the equilibrium between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. Seeing health and illness from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective enables the acupuncturist to treat subtle imbalances


In order for individuals to heal, they must also feel heard, understood, accepted, loved, and validated.  I am committed to practicing acupuncture the way it was intended to be practiced - in its entirety, using all of the tools together to create a well-rounded treatment plan that addresses all the components of the patient’s issues and also addresses the root cause of them.


I believe that healthcare should feel like a human connection between people who care about one another’s well-being and who act in the best interest of one another.   I also believe that in order to provide a visit where clients get the most out of their healthcare experience and receive the greatest shift in their symptoms, using a combination of ancient medicine and modern day coaching methods uses all the tools at my disposal which may best support the client’s full recovery. 

In my holistic approach to healing, I combine acupuncture with health coaching together with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

When combined, these therapies address health from multiple angles (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to create long-lasting, and sometimes life-changing improvements.

Single Treatment 110
(Course of Six = 600)

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