The Natural Fertility Plan

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My name is Denise Christie and I provide Natural Fertility solutions for couples who have struggled repeatedly to start a family.  Through my programmes I show them a faster, healthier, more holistic and loving path to the children they yearn for without spending 1000's on IVF or other intrusive and painful medical procedures.  When they work with me I show them the holistic path to the family they long for (without the hassle!).

When you decide as a couple that it's the right time to start a family you assume that's going to happen straight away. After all - aren't our bodies hard wired for pregnancy? Of course they are!  But our bodies are also intelligent organisms that can switch off the fertility process if it feels that making a baby right now is simply not a safe option. You body goes in to survival mode and switch off the ability to make a baby.

Our current lifestyles - food choices, long working hours, stressful jobs, chemical exposure - can all combine to convince our bodies that getting pregnant is NOT good for our health. Infertility is a message from your body that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. The fabulous news is - in many cases infertility can be reversed simply by making dietary and lifestyle changes and concentrating on natural fertility.

Over the last year, I have been so fortunate to see my business develop in such a wonderful way.  I have been blessed to be working with such wonderful couples and thrilled that I have been able to help so many of them achieve their dream of starting their longed for family.  Of all the couples that completed their treatments with me in this way, 68% of them conceived within 9 months! 

This is precisely why I developed a natural fertility programme that includes all of these elements - so that you too have the best possible chance of falling pregnant.

My own struggle to build my family after the birth of my daughter has been hugely influential in my decision to help other couples succeed where I could not and and gave me the highest level of empathy and understanding which guides me through my work with every couple.   I researched and trained with the best in the field of natural fertility work - Jani White founder of NatureChild who offers training in specialist fertility acupuncture and Clare Blake, founder of Fertility Massage Therapy and I was amongst the first practitioners trained in Ireland.

Whether you are looking for a completely natural fertility approach or want support through Assisted Fertility, The Health and Harmony Fertility Plan can offer you support, guidance and a treatment strategy from a completely natural and holistic perspective.

  • Are you struggling to have a baby?
  • Have you undergone IVF without success?
  • Have you been told you have “unexplained fertility”?
  • Have you been told there is a problem with sperm quality or quantity?
  • Do you feel you are running out of time or that your age is against you?

My goal is to help you stop the struggle, wherever you are on your journey, and reclaim your fertility.  By enhancing your health on a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level you are much more likely to conceive.  As with anything important in life, there are no quick fixes. Bringing your body back in to balance and increasing your fertility health requires sustained commitment to making the necessary health and lifestyle changes.

How It Works

Since specialising in fertility I discovered that my best results came from the cases where:-

  • The couples made necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes
  • They took the supplements recommended
  • They turned up for every appointment
  • They made structured changes to their daily schedule to allow time for relaxation methods
  • They supported each other through the programme and took equal responsibility for their health

The Health and Harmony Natural Fertility Plans offer practical advice and detailed strategies together with a prescribed weekly treatment plan.  These Plans are designed to help you and your partner get closer to achieving your dream of starting your family.

By following one of my Plans you will learn to:

  • Choose foods to eat that will naturally nourish your fertility
  • Discover the importance of ridding your body of the negative effects of stress
  • Improve your egg health and sperm health through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Make informed decisions about reducing your chemical overload
  • Nurture and care for your body in a constructive and practical way to bring it back in to balance
  • Understand the importance of “mind over matter”
  • Allow yourself the time to adopt a daily relaxation habit
  • Take a holistic, whole body, approach to overcoming your fertility issues
  • Receive specialist Fertility Treatments tailored to your specific needs

I offer different options to suit individual circumstances and once I perfectly understand a couple's situation and what level of support they require, I am then much more able to make a specific recommendation of a suitable path.  

My Plans are designed to restore your fertility health and vitality, ease your frustration and clear the barriers which have been preventing you from getting pregnant.  Depending on your circumstances you can choose from the following options:-

90 Day Intensive Fertility Plan 

This is my bespoke, intensive programme which will change your health and lifestyle forever.  The 90 Day Fertility Plan is for couples who want to ensure a healthy and speedy conception and ensure the optimum health of their baby.    It is also designed for those couples who have been struggling to conceive or for those undergoing Assisted Fertility who require the benefits of extra support through this journey. 

It is a personalised programme which includes an in-depth consultation, a Fertility Breakthrough Day, A Womb Nurture Pack together with seven subsequent 90 minute appointments – taken within a three month period.   It includes a weekly action plan together with essential resources relevant to your specific fertility needs.   This Plan includes a FREE Male Fertility Health Review.  (Treatment options include Acupuncture, Fertility Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Fertility Coaching). 

This programme is designed to address the physical and emotional barriers to fertility and radically turn around the blocks that have been preventing pregnancy and substantially improve your fertility health.  All aspects of the programme are designed to empower you to take back control over your own fertility. 

This programme is for you if:-

  • You have been struggling for more than a year and have been told that IVF may be your only option;
  • You have already tried Assisted Fertility and it has not worked for you;
  • You feel you are running out of time or are concerned that age may be a factor
  • You have been told you have unexplained fertility
  • You suspect there is a problem with sperm quality or quantity
  • You have suffered one or more miscarriages

The Springboard Plan – 30 days to Fertility Wellness

Trying to have a baby is an emotional time for any couple with many ups and downs which can lead to fear and disappointment. A struggle to get pregnant can leave you feeling confused, scared and lost. There are many medical options - some of which involve intrusive and sometimes painful procedures not to mention potentially harmful fertility drugs. The truth is, there is a faster, healthier and more loving way to increase fertility naturally. The Springboard Plan is for you if you want to take a proactive approach and optimise your chances of getting pregnant.

Maybe you are in the early stages of trying to conceive or are about to start trying. Perhaps you have been trying to conceive for six months or more and worried that there might be a problem. You may have had some fertility testing done but no particular medical issue has been found. The Springboard Plan puts you back in the driver's seat so that you can take control of your fertility – using a natural and loving approach. This intensive 40 day plan uses holistic treatments, self-care techniques and wellness coach in combination to balance hormones, regulate the cycle and bring the body and emotions back in to balance. A unique approach which has been used by many couples with great success.

It is a personalised programme which includes an in-depth consultation, a Fertility Breakthrough Day, A Womb Nurture Pack together with two subsequent 90 minute appointments – taken within a 30 day period.   It includes a weekly action plan together with essential resources relevant to your specific fertility needs.   This plan includes a FREE Male Fertility Assessment.  (Treatment options include Acupuncture, Fertility Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Lymphatic Draining Massage and Fertility Coaching).

Fertility Breakthrough Day

Following a personalised consultation you will receive A Womb Nurture Pack, two prescribed Fertility Treatments together with demonstration of relevant self-care techniques and a resource pack.  This day is designed to highlight key areas which are preventing pregnancy and will give you the tools required to radically improve your fertility health. It is intended to kickstart your fertility health and help you overcome any blocks which may have been preventing pregnancy.  This option is for you if:-

  • You are thinking about starting a family and want to prepare for a healthy conception
  • You have been trying to get pregnant for less than a year
  • You want a totally natural and loving path to start your family
  • There is a family history of fertility issues
  • Your diet could be healthier
  • You believe that your stress levels may be affecting your fertility

Fertility Health Review

Following a personalised consultation you will receive a treatment specific to your health and fertility requirements, information pack and relevant resources with a four-week tracking plan, together with a follow-up review appointment. 

Fertility Assessment

This appointment includes a comprehensive consultation, personalised information pack and relevant resources together with a two week tracking plan. 

Fertility Roadmap

This appointment includes a comprehensive consultation together with a personalised resource pack relevant to the consultation.

90 Day Follow Up Plan

This programme is designed for those couples who, having completed the 90 Day Fertility Wellness Programme, need ongoing support or assistance either to conceive naturally or where they are undergoing Assisted Fertility.   It includes 12 x 90 minute appointments and email support where needed.

Fertility Wellness Appointment

This appointment is for couples who have completed a programme and wish to avail of ad-hoc appointments to ensure the maintenance of their fertility wellbeing.

I only take on clients I genuinely believe I can help.  Call me today for a Complimentary  Discovery Call where we have a frank and open discussion to discuss your fertility dreams.  Once I gather all the information and I really believe I can help you I will offer to work with you. 


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