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The truth is – one of the biggest causes of stress is encountering something which is totally outside of your control. Of course it's IMPOSSIBLE to avoid entirely all the talk of the Covid-19 virus doing the rounds at the moment. We are being... More
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How are you planning to feed your sparkle today? It's true that Christmas can be a pretty stressful time. There's the pressure to entertain, live up to the perfect Christmas dinner displayed on the Supermarket Ads, buy the right presents, get the... More
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  It has long been my belief that one small change, done well and done repeatedly, is the secret to bringing about change to your health.  When I wanted to find a solution to my achy joints (brought about largely by the onset of menopause) I... More
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  Why do we crave sugar? Why do those cravings get out of control? And what can you do about it? Healthy nutrition is usually viewed in terms of calories and grams of fat. As a health coach I believe there is more than one way to look at food. The... More
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On Tuesday of last week I heard the news that no pet owner ever wants to hear – my handsome, vibrant, joyful dog has stage 4 Lymphoma. I stood in stunned silence as the vet calmly explained his options – which were to send him home with steroids to... More
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  At the ripe old age of 54 and after listening back to my recent radio interview by Liz Valloor on Dublin City FM I have suddenly realised I cannot pronounce my R's properly. I've also realised that nobody ever told me! And seemingly I am in good... More
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A struggle to get pregnant is becoming increasingly common. Today, as many as one in six couples are still trying to get pregnant a year after they started trying. A further one in eight couples have still not achieved a pregnancy after two years of... More
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When I first moved to Ireland 15 years ago I had just qualified in holistics. I had a pretty grand vision in my head for a home, a lifestyle and building a holistic therapy centre without any real understanding of how I was going to make it all... More
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    1.  9 miracles in less than 9 months.   2.  How I helped save 27 couples over 6 figures on IVF.   3.  The secret that will save you 1000’s on IVF and bring you closer to your partner.   Sounds mad right? But stay with me here.   Recently I... More
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For many women, the use of birth control for many years has not affected their chances of conceiving. However for some it can cause imbalances in the hormonal system and create nutritional deficiencies which can make it more difficult to get... More